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Welcome to The Accessibility Resource Center powered by Amnet. This is a non-commercial initiative to promote digital equality. Here you would find the latest news and updates on accessibility, the governing laws, free do-it-yourself tools, blogs, and thought leadership articles related to accessibility.

Thought Leadership

Webinar - A Publisher’s Guide to Accessible Content

Webinar- A Publisher’s Guide to Accessible Content. Michael Johnson speaks about the need, governing laws, formats, and implementation for ...Read More

A paper cut-out shows a row of seven children holding hands. The first child is in a wheelchair.

Accessibility: A Snapshot of Success—Are You in the Picture?

Born Accessible publishing has become part of our mainstream requirement. Publishers need to work on how to build the necessary elements into their ...Read More

Six students with their bags, in a long hallway walk, talk and discuss, in pairs.

Accessibility Partnerships in Higher Education Adoption

This article is a conversation between Jonathan Thurston (Head of Accessibility Product Management for Pearson) and Philip Voorhees (Technology ...Read More

A person reads from his tablet device, Kobo.

Fundamentals of EPUB Reading App Accessibility Testing

This article gives an overview of how accessibility testing works and provides an analysis of the value it delivers to various communities. Over the ...Read More

A top view shows six hands holding one another on the wrist, connecting a circle.

Let’s Make Things Easier: Simplicity Through Partnership

With an increasing call for education products that are born accessible, Pearson has set the foundation to transform its product creation into one that ...Read More

A businessman holds up a remote controller in his hand and looks up.

Supporting Students With Print Disabilities

In this article, the author stresses the need for the titles that students with print disabilities need for their courses to be purchased commercially ...Read More

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Latest News

Newspapers placed on a table.

Accessibility Rendering Tools in Chrome

There are a few great simulation tools in Chrome which invoke rendering of a couple CSS media querie ...

Resources for developing accessible cards/tiles

The card pattern (also know as tiles and blades) has become quite popular over the last several year ...

Digital Accessibility Jobs, June 2020

Many more tremendous opportunities in the field of digital accessibility. Software Development Engin ...

Accessibility Resources for Challenging Times—a letter from Lainey Feingold

This is a guest post; a slightly modified letter from Lainey Feingold. Thank you Lainey! Dear Web, I ...

Accessible Media Producers


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PAC Checker

PAC provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files

A pictogram shows a P D F file, dog-eared at the top-right corner.


Image Description Guidelines

Digital Image And Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials

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Ace by DAISY App

Designed to allow users to quickly test EPUB files through a familiar graphical user interface

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Latest Blogs

WCAG 2.2: The Next Step in Digital Accessibility
OCTOBER 30, 2020

WCAG 2.2: The Next Step in Digital Accessibility

In a fast-paced race to the future, the track is not the same for everyone. The digital inclusivity ...Read More

Digital Accessibility In Insurance Websites
AUGUST 22, 2020

Digital Accessibility In Insurance

Insurance is a business that is greatly influenced by how the clients perceive and absorb information ...Read More

Growing Impetus On Digital Accessibility For Higher Education
JULY 13, 2020

Growing Impetus On Digital Accessibility For Higher Education

Education publishers and educators must utilize a multi-pronged strategy to build a resilient ...Read More

APRIL 8, 2020

4 Ways To Make Your Website More Inclusive

You know by now that the ADA requires your website to be accessible, meaning that there should be no ...Read More

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

How Assistive Technologies Can Help Educational Publishers

The educational needs of children with disabilities and adults continue to be a challenge to educators ...Read More

MARCH 23, 2020

There Are Still Opportunities for Accessibility Innovation

Making websites accessible for everyone isn't just a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities ...Read More

OCTOBER 22, 2019

Top Drivers in Digital Accessibility

Fifty-six million Americans have disabilities. While it stands to reason that technology would naturally evolve to reach ...Read More

JANUARY 31, 2020

Rising ADA Title III Litigation in 2019 Likely Part of a Longer Trend

2019 was a big year for ADA Title III litigation, with more lawsuits filed to enforce its accommodation provisions ...Read More

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

Removing Barriers to Scholarly Work Through Accessible Digital Publishing

The publishing industry's consideration of people with physical disabilities has come a long way in the last hundred years ...Read More

JANUARY 14, 2020

The Advantages of Making Audio and Video Media Accessible

Accessibility is becoming more important, as there are around 2.2 billion people that are visually impaired ...Read More

DECEMBER 4, 2019

Making the Future Accessible – Top Digital Accessibility Trends in 2020

Each year brings new developments in technology and new challenges for accessibility. That means that more must be ...Read More

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